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With protocols and site selection and patient recruitment and regulatory requirements and on and on, your team has more than enough to worry about and manage. So why make them waste time and attention on sourcing, procuring, maintaining and shipping clinical trial supplies and equipment?

Focus on what you’re best at. Let Axelerist do the same.

We specialize in clinical trial equipment solutions. We can handle a single local study or a global, multi-site trial. We know precisely what to do, every step of the way, so you get the new or used equipment you need, where you need it, right on time.

For instance? We have a large inventory of clinical trial equipment on hand, including ECGs, Refrigerators and Freezers, Centrifuges and Incubators from many major manufacturers. And if your clinical trial calls for something more unique —say, to highlight just one recent example, 50 Pediatric Retinal Cameras that cost of $100,000 each — Axelerist most definitely has you covered.

We also provide full White Glove service anywhere in the world — next-day delivery, initial set-up and calibration, staff training, returns and relocations, swift end-of-trial collection, the works. (We can also handle decontamination, recycling, repair and disposal of client-owned stock.) All of which means you can simply order it and forget it. And if you do want to talk to us for any reason, we’re easy to reach in our US headquarters, and we’re available to handle service calls 24/7.

Trial ready. Resource deep.

Axelerist has experience supplying essential equipment for clinical trials around the world. And we have leasing roots that go back three decades. With our deep financial resources and life science expertise, we can make it very cost effective for you to work with brand new equipment — even for large studies that call for 100s of a single item.