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EKG/ECG Machines

Axelerist has exactly the lab equipment you need to modernize your biotech lab or outfit a new clinical trial study site (or 50).

Below are some of our most popular pharma lab equipment and clinical trial products. Contact us for details on our full portfolio of pharmaceutical lab and clinical trial equipment.

We work with all of the leading life science lab equipment manufacturers. We have access to the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We can track down specialty products and hard-to-find machines. We can even provide used or refurbished equipment.

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Schiller AT-2 light

SCHILLER’s AT-2 light offers the economics of a low cost unit with many of the high end features needed to care for your patients. The AT-2 light is a 12-channel ECG system offering battery operation of up to 6 hours, full size (8 1/2 x 11) reports to fit patient records, LCD screen and keyboard for easy entry of patient demographics and interpretation.

  • Alphanumeric keyboard and big LCD for user friendly operation
  • 6-channel print-out in realtime at 5, 25 or 50 mm/s
  • ECG interpretation program for adult and pediatric ECG
  • Automatic print-out of 6/12 channels on one or two pages
  • Fast, reliable, computer-aided ECG interpretation program including complete measurement for adult and pediatric ECGs
  • Print quality is optimized using the SSF SCHILLER Smoothing Filter and the SBS SCHILLER Baseline Stabilizer

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Mortara 230

Delivers impressive 12-lead performance, while requiring minimal space

  • High Resolution Color LCD
  • Distinguished Mortara VERITAS Resting ECG Interpretation Algorithm
  • Choice of wireless or Traditional ECG Acquisition

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Mortara 250C

The Burdick by Mortara ELI 250c ECG machine is best for Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists, Family Physicians, Doctors of Osteopathy and Hospitals. Compact and lightweight, the ELI 250c electrocardiograph provides comprehensive functionality, in an easy-to-use, portable dev

  • 12 Lead electrocardiograph
  • Simultaneous acquisition of all 12 leads
  • Waveform Display = Backlit, 1/4 VGA color LCD (320 x 240); 3, 4+4, or 6+6 lead presentation
  • 40,000 s/sec/channel used for pacemaker spike detection; 1000 s/sec/channel used for recording and analysis
  • Perforated Z-fold thermal paper, A4 or 8.5 x 11” wide, 250 sheets
  • Internal storage up to 40 ECGs; optional expanded up to 200 ECGs

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GE Mac 1200 ECG System

With Interpretation and Memory available, this resting ECG System has advanced algorithm capabilities; and with its easy-to-use features, it provides the highest level of quality and convenience users require.

  • Waveform Display
  • Full Size Paper Reports
  • Interpretation, Measurements and Memory available
  • Simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition and analysis 12SL Interpretation program
  • Compact, lightweight design with carrying handle