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Impressive Benefits of Outsourcing Clinical Trial Equipment Rental

Outsourcing clinical trial equipment rental offers advantages that can speed up time to market and significantly aid in project management. The Benefits of Outsourcing Clinical Trial Equipment Rental A strong argument for clinical trial equipment rental is how much more affordable it can be when compared to the cost of [...]

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The Advantages of Leasing IT Equipment

Given the speed at which technology develops these days, buying IT equipment outright can be counterproductive for companies. Not only does purchasing usually require significant capital expenditure, but frequent software updates also increase the risk of your expensive new hardware becoming less efficient — or even obsolete — sooner rather than later. [...]

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How Innovations in Drug Development Could Help the Pharmaceutical Industry Save Billions

The wave of innovation that's benefited countless industries may finally reach drug development. A new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has identified four advancements in the design of clinical trials capable of tackling two of the industry's longstanding challenges: patient recruitment and study completion. The report comes at a time [...]

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Comparing Analytical Instruments: Why Pharma Companies Should Consider Leasing

Automated, advanced and flexible: These are identifiers we want when considering equipment that will increase overall efficiencies and bottom-line profitability. These attributes, however, also remind us of the ever-changing nature of the industry.  There is an avoidable backdrop of regulatory protocols, nation-by-nation site requirements and technological advances to consider when [...]

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Common Clinical Trial Delays and How to Avoid Them

Clinical trial delays have become the norm for the vast majority of drug research and development. Across the board, 8 out of 10 trials will face delays and 94 percent of delays are longer than one month.   While even the briefest delay can significantly increase costs, others may impact long-term drug [...]

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