Thermo Scientific Medifuge Small Benchtop Centrifuge

The Thermo Fisher Medifuge centrifuge with its unique Dualspin rotor allows for both fixed angle or swing bucket applications.

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Tech Specs

Certifications/Compliance UL, CE, RoHS, CSA, IVD, FDA class 1
Drive System Induction drive
Height (English) Exterior Lid Open 20.04 in.
Length (English) Exterior 17.7 in.
Temperature Range 2°C to 40°C
Width (English) Exterior 12.8 in.
Capacity 8 x 15mL (Fixed Angle), 8 x 10 mL (Swinging Bucket)
Max. Speed 4,900 rpm
Profile (Acceleration/Braking) 1 accel (standard)/3 decel (standard, soft, brake-off)
Safety Features Lid lock, steel armored ring, view port for speed calibration, lid emergency release
Max. RCF 3,114 x g (fixed angle); 3,490 x g (swinging bucket)

Includes DualSpin rotor body, fixed angle buckets (set of 8), swinging buckets (set of 8), green/short spacers (set of 8), yellow/long spacers (set of 8).

Three selectable deceleration profiles, including brake-off option, are designed to optimize separation.

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Thermo Scientific Medifuge Small Benchtop Centrifuge

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