Portable Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer


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Tech Specs

Storage Volume 25 liters (0.9 cu.ft.)
Temperature -86°C to -20°C @ 32°C (90°F) ambient
Alarm Warm and Cold Alarms Setpoint ± 10ºC
Exterior Dimensions 18.6" W x 19.9" D x 25.0" H (472 x 505 x 635 mm)
Net Weight, Empty 21 kg (46 lbs.), nominal
Voltage Range, Universal 120V or 240V, AC; 60Hz or 50Hz; or 12VDC rom mobile source
Certification/Listing CE Certified
Storage Capacity 18 standard 2” boxes
Security Lockable Lid
  • The benefits of Stirling Ultracold freezers reach all levels of the clinical trial. 
  • Lightest overall weight, lowest shipping costs, easy to handle 
  • Can plug into any outlet, eliminating the cost of converting an outlet to 240V 
  • Smallest footprint in its class, giving the investigator more options for placement within the site. 
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Portable Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

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