Abbott Point of Care i-STAT 1 Blood Analyzer

A handheld blood analyzer that delivers lab-quality, diagnostic results in minutes.

Lightweight, portable and easy to use, the i-STAT 1 blood analyzer operates with the advanced technology of i-STAT test cartridges. Together, they create the i-STAT System — a point-of-care-testing platform that provides healthcare professionals with diagnostic information when and where it’s needed.

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Axelerist provides clinical trials with global equipment supply and re-supply and all the services necessary to ensure the study remains on track including:

  1. Building kits from bulk shipments
  2. Tracking each and every Domestic and International shipment
  3. Using temperature controlled freight services and products to ensure temperatures remain in range and to reduce waste
  4. Tracking all Serial Numbers, lot #s and expiration dates by site #
  5. Updating and cross checking site contact records prior to each initial and resupply shipment
  6. Maximizing efficiency with resupplying of cartridges and controls and ensuring all supplies are compliant
  7. Providing solutions for inevitable challenges with equipment backorders, SW updates, training attendance etc.
  8. Axelerist provides Rental and Sale.  


Lactate: CG4+

Blood Gases: EG7+, CG8+, G3+, EG6+, CG4+

Chemistries and Electrolytes: CHEM8+, EG7+, G, Crea, E3+, EC4+, 6+, EC8+, EG6+, CG8+

Cardiac Markers: cTnl, CK-MB, BNP

Coagulation: PT/INR, ACT Kaolin, ACT Celite®

Hematology: CG8+, EG7+, E3+, EC4+, 6+, EC8+, EG6+, CHEM8+

Endocrinology: β-hCG


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Abbott Point of Care i-STAT 1 Blood Analyzer

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