seca 217 Stadiometer

The seca 217 mobile stadiometer is characterized by a particularly high quality of material and a sophisticated plug system. This gives it a uniquely good stability. The adjustable wall spacer also ensures a secure hold without any screw connection. The stadiometer is particularly suitable for mobile use in conventional medical examinations and measuring patients at home. After all, it is easy to transport the stadiometer when disassembled into its individual parts.

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Tech Specs

Net weight 7.9 lbs (3.6 kg)
Product width 12.9 inch (328 mm)
Product height 84.4 inch (2,145 mm)
Product depth 22.6 inch (574 mm)
Measuring range 8 inch - 6 ft 9 inch (20 - 205 cm)

Quick and easy installation without wall mounting.

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seca 217 Stadiometer

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