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Lower Equipment Costs-for Clinical Trials

WHO CAN LOWER YOUR EQUIPMENT COSTS FOR CLINICAL TRIALS? Clinical trial studies are an essential part of pharmaceutical and biotechnology product development. Governed by strict protocols, these crucial tests ensure the safety of the public while confirming... Read More

Common Clinical Trial Delays and How To Avoid Them

Clinical trial delays have become the norm for the vast majority of drug research and development. Across the board, 8 out of 10 trials will face delays and 94 percent of delays are longer than one month. While even the briefest delay can significantly... Read More

Innovations in drug development

HOW INNOVATIONS IN DRUG DEVELOPMENT COULD HELP THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY SAVE BILLIONS The wave of innovation that’s benefited countless industries may finally reach drug development. A new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has identified... Read More

The Advantages of Leasing IT Equipment

Given the speed at which technology develops these days, buying IT equipment outright can be counterproductive for companies. Not only does purchasing usually require significant capital expenditure, but frequent software updates also increase the risk... Read More

Why Trust Axelerist?

Having the right equipment is vital to the success of any project, whether it’s for a clinical trial, laboratory, or your organization’s IT department. It’s essential to not only source the best equipment but also to choose a solution that delivers... Read More